Thursday, February 5, 2015

life lately: January

What's New:

  • Two publications came online! My poem in Rattle and my book review in The Adroit Journal.
  • I was awarded an Academy of American Poets Prize!
  • I began my final semester of graduate school. (jinkies!)
In less pleasant news, my health has worsened. I have had a series of appointments and have finally confirmed a surgery date for the first week of March. This is both terrifying and a relief, and I'm trying not to think about it too much as I head towards my thesis defense at the end of this month. This year is already such a rollercoaster!

On Tuesday, however, I received word that I had been accepted to The Kenyon Review Writers Workshop this summer! This was a much needed bright spot, as I've been needing something to look forward to other with my surgery looming in the future. I am thrilled about this opportunity and I think it will do me a lot of good. In bracing myself for the significant dent my surgery will have on my savings, I put together my first ever GoFundMe campaign to help ease the cost of my workshop tuition this summer. If you're at all interested/have a couple bucks to spare, you can find out more here!

And now, pictures!

Friday, December 12, 2014

friday flashback: summer nights at the fair

I hate winter. Like, pretty much I hate everything about it (except for Christmas, fiiiine). I'm a summer girl through and through—I love California, love beaches and picnics and bike rides, love the month of June. So, because I'm stuck in Michigan at the moment freezing my tuckus off, I thought I'd reminisce about summertime. :) These photos are from when Henrik and I rode our bikes to the fair this summer. Town fairs are the best! When summer rolls around again, check your town paper to see if any are around, and then go! This one was in the parking lot of a high school here in Ann Arbor. :) It's a cheap, fun date, and who can say no to cotton candy and popcorn??

green figure skater dress: American Apparel | lace collared blouse: vintage | glitter Juju jelly sandals: ASOS
smiley hologram bag: Sway Chic

Thursday, December 11, 2014

home for the holidays: how to pack for holiday traveling

It's finals week just about everywhere right now, which means soon folks will be traveling for the break. Some people are lucky enough to live a stone's throw from their parents/grandparents/assorted relations, but a lot of us aren't. As someone who has lived far away from my family for about 4 years now, I've gotten the hang of this whole "fly in from another state and stay for 2 weeks in your childhood bedroom" thing. There's a lot that goes into traveling this time of year, from booking flights to packing sweaters and gifts to surviving winter weather delays. (Curse you, polar vortex!) I thought I'd share some general holiday traveling tips for making this Xmas season go as smoothly as possible—I can't control what your nutty uncle says after too much eggnog, but I can at least help get you there to witness it.


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